White Dawg


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White Dawg

It is a hybrid indica strain that is typically created by crossing White Fire OG with Chemdog. White Dawg has a rich, flowery aroma that is not overbearing and has won the Cannabis Cup Champion award. This strain has more than 20% THC and has a pleasant, potent earthy flavor. People react differently to White Dawg depending on whether they use a bong or a vaporizer, which results in a range of effects. One gets a full body high in a matter of seconds. Since this strain is mostly highly sedating, it is not suggested for depression. Buy white dawg strain from shopwithquality.

White Dawg has white tric’s with orange hair, tightly condensed buds wrapped in light green foliage. It has a lovely aroma with OG and Kush undertones. White Dawg is a very strong indica that causes a hefty body high and has a CBD content of 0.18%. It is a fantastic strain for reducing anxiety, pain, nausea, and sleeplessness, but after using it, you’ll need to take a nap. White Dawg has a frosty white coating that gives it access to high levels of CBD and TCH that aid in treating a variety of conditions. White Dawg should be ingested the night before going to bed because it is definitely not a morning strain.


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