White Fire OG


THC levels coordinate White Fire in many yields, so fledgling purchasers ought to be obliging of this present bud’s power. All the more strikingly, CBD levels normal at a strong 5% – making this strain famous in the therapeutic network. Its high is known for its capacity to steady in the wake of putting the purchaser in a condition of elation. Clients state it lightens a sleeping disorder just as substantial a throbbing painfulness, giving extraordinary nights sans rest of both mental and physical pressure.

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Regarding White Fire OG Genetics and History

White Fire, sometimes known as White Fire OG or even WiFi OG, is a mildly indica-dominant strain (60/40), with a strong earthy aroma, a high THC content, and a preference for warm, dry climates. It is a hybrid that descends from The White and Fire OG hybrids (note that some lab data suggests that it or a similar phenotype may have been bred from San Fernando Valley OG Kush and pure OG Kush). This youngster was created by OG Raskal Seeds in Southern California to provide users with a strong, spicy calm. We’d say it succeeded.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

The plant is divided into spade-shaped green nugs covered in thick, opaque, golden trichomes that resemble a covering of gold. The flavor is a lovely blend of pepper, earth, and sour citrus, with aromas of gasoline and herbs coming through on the exhale.


How should you anticipate this strain? You’ll initially sense a sneaky clarity of mind. A White Fire will then erupt in your head, doing everything in its ability to aid with your decompression, living up to its name. You’ll experience joy, clarity, and peace. For Type A, “work is the most important thing in the universe,” kind of individuals, your mind will be clear. The house of tension you’ve built might be destroyed by white fire!

You’ll be alert and energized, but you’ll also be sleepy. ADHD, discomfort, melancholy, stress, and weariness vanish under the light of White Fire. Regardless of how you “want” to feel, you’ll feel sluggish because this strain doesn’t typically make you sleepy. You’ll simply cave in and stop caring.


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